Vintage Theatrical Cut-Outs
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Vintage Theatrical Cut-Outs

$500 each
This rare set of three Greco-Roman-style busts includes a goddess, a philosopher and a statesman. Each wooden cutout has been decorated to look like a lithograph, creating an optical illusion of depth and shading on the flat wood surface. A carved back support is included with each bust—the set is ready to display on a shelf, mantel or table.
• Philosopher: 13.5″W x 13″D x 25.5″H
• Goddess: 14.5″W x 13″D x 29.5″H
• Statesman: 20″W x 13″D x 32.5″H
• era: Mid-Century

To purchase these pieces, please call our New York City showroom at +1.212.924.0199.
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